What Now?

When I was growing up I was told that if I didn’t play nice I would not have friends. People would not like me. When I started working for a living I was told work hard or people would not respect me and I would amount to nothing.

So I played nice and got along, sorta. Then I worked hard and earned the respect of my fellow workers, sorta.

Now I am nearing my golden years. People tell me be frugal so that you can enjoy your retirement.

Today I chained up my truck so I could go earn $15 feeding some other mans animals. I put the plow blade on my other truck so I could clear the driveways of the “other” people in my subdivision. The old man did these things so he could afford to contribute to the education fund for his new Grandchild.

So I have to ask myself why I am doing these things when Assholes like Obama, Reid,  Pelosi, Holder, Boehner et al, did and do none and have everything they want and more than they could ever spend?

Could it be that my parents and mentors were incorrect?

5 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Great perspective Army, getting the feeling of those “golden years” people speak of and it isn’t as good as it sounds huh? Might not be as good as the next feller but it is what we have left, so let’s enjoy it. Won’t hurt to bitch a little along the way though.

  2. In all my military training all I heard was keep the faith. I am trying harder to do just that than at any other time in my life. We have got to keep going on, I would die to fix it and am sure most everyone else feels the same.

  3. Not at all, you were brought up the RIGHT way, your parents were there
    for you and you watched them and in doing so you molded yourself in their image
    and thank god it was a good image. As to the ilk you spoke about, their day
    will come as we do not get out of this world alive and we do have to meet our maker.

    Stray the course as it’s the right one.

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