US Aims for Talks with Taliban

One of the requests I have for people making comments on this blog is to keep profanity to a minimum. In the case of the above referenced article the minimum amount of acceptable profanity is that this Administration is a collection of the dumbest Fucks in the world!

Forget the fact that you have already told the enemy WHEN  you are going to quit fighting him. Forget the fact that you have already shown him every card in your hand in another war. Consider only that you have absolutely no position of strength to bargain from!

The time to negotiate with an enemy is when he is on his knees with your sword at his throat and then it’s called dictating terms of surrender. The Taliban and al Qaeda both knew going in to this that the US would come, flex its muscle, do some bragging and then leave feeling self-important. All they have to do is make a show of being “defeated” so the US can have it’s “peace with honor” (same Bull as in Vietnam, interpret as going home with our tail between our legs”) then when we have pulled our troops out they will come in and do what they wanted to do all along. The enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq has been fighting this war for over 800 years. What is ten years with the US?

The US must realize 2 things. First that unless you are going to claim the country as US property there is no way to have an achievable goal in any of these country’s. If you are not willing to take and hold ground then you are wasting your time. Secondly, none of these country’s are worth a single American life.

One has to think that the Governments purpose in the last 50 years has been to keep the American public occupied with the distraction of war so that they can consolidate their grip on the purse strings so that they cannot be displaced without great cost to us, the American people.

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