Toy Guns?

I have commented in the past on officers shooting “innocents” who had what the officers perceived to be real guns. I will likely always side with law enforcement in situations that call for a micro second decision, whether or not the weapon is later proven to be a toy.

People will say that the officer should have been able to tell the difference between a toy and a real gun. Think so?

If you look closely that is a real shotgun hidden inside a water cannon, the kind that kids all over America use on hot summer days to stay cool.

How cool would it be for the officer who had his guts spread all over the pavement?

There will never be enough time or money to adequately train police to handle every situation correctly. Human beings will always make mistakes, whether they be police officers, misguided youths who think it is cool to break the orange cap off the muzzle of the replica guns to impress their peers, or the people who deliberately try to fool the police.

But it is easier to judge the police than train our children so I expect nothing will change. Now if I can just figure out how to hide a Vulcan cannon in my Hondas bumper I can get to my psych appointment on time.

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