The Tea Party

In the recent Budget debacle, the media was rife with snide comments from Democratic Senators and Representatives about how the recently elected members of Congress who ran on a Tea Party platform, were being “stubborn” and refusing to “negotiate for the common good”. The media (mostly) parrotted these comments and put on such airs of hurt and suffering.

Not one media outlet, including Fox made the very simple comment: these people are doing EXACTLY what they were elected to do. The “established” Washington elected officials still do not get it! Reid and Pelosi are dinosaurs of a soon to be bygone era. Calling them ostriches would be a compliment!

I still say it is time for a viable 3rd party, and the Tea Party has most of the apparatus in place already. C’mon Sarah! Run the Party and forget about the Presidency. You are where we need you right now!

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