The Most Disconnected Democrat of All

I knew Obummer had a warped and over inflated sense of himself but I was not really aware of how totally delusional he really is until this last, final overseas trip.

To tell the Greek people (who blame him for their troubles) how great a job he has done with the US economy in the last 8 years is laughable.

But to then turn around and tell the German’s that Donald Trump MAY be alright as a President but that he will need to “stand up to the Russians”,

has got to be the most delusional statement ever made by a sitting President. This from the man who bows to Saudi Princes, and the red line in the sand?

It certainly seals his legacy as the worst President ever to hold office, but perhaps the worst part is that we ( the American taxpayer) are on the hook for this clowns not insignificant expenses for the next 40 years or so. Talk about deficit spending.

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