One thought on “The American Revolution…Take 2?

  1. Things getting worse every day even when good folks like your post speak out. Don’t think voices, votes or marches are going to help us. We have waited to late and can not get organized enough to stop what is about to happen. One day a small group of “Feds” will drive up up our drives and began the process do confiscating all your firearms and other stuff. You may protest and shoot a couple of them but they will come like they did in Waco. They will achieve their objective because no one else crept me and a couple others will show up to fend them off. They will call in more forces and we will die protecting our rights and the world goes on. No forces on our side will show up because there are no forces. Who you or me going to call? They can and will as many as necessary and we will call a couple. Game over, they win we lose. The “folks are not taking this serious because they really do not think it could or will happen. Besides the folks may loose their cell phone, job or bennies should they ever consider joining opposing forces. A milita is more than a couple shooters like us holeing up in the hills and farting while the cavalry shows up.
    Sound like fun to me.
    Just saying

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