Disconnected Democrats

The election is over, most of the Trump supporters have come down off of their “high” from winning an unwinnable election…….and the Dumbocrats still don’t get it.


While I, and virtually everyone I talk to at WORK is very happy that Hillary did not win the Presidency, there is more if a feeling of relief than of euphoria. We feel that for at least the next 4 years we, the WORKIng class, have at least a chance to regain more than the toe hold we had on the beach of this great country.

What Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party fail to grasp, is that their “powerbase” is no longer the working man. It is now the non working man. Or woman, transsexual, non gender specific, illegal immigrant, welfare whores, and the disenfranchised dregs of society, that do nothing to contribute to the growth or stability of this country. People such as college professors, Hollywood actors, and the odd category of people such as the Kardashians, Rich Housewives of Beverly Hills etal, who live in fantasy or artificial worlds so  disconnected from the reality of the every day man that they cannot conceive that it takes WORK to build and maintain a country at a level that truly does benefit all.

Which, in the case of the last election is a good thing, since they were so busy protesting this or that injustice to society, or were simply to lazy to get off their couch and vote, that we, the “working class”, now have a chance to enact new legislation, judicial, and social reforms, as well as enforce the existing laws of the land to fight our way back up the beach head of the bottomless ocean into which we had been backed.