The History of Donald Trump

I am 64 years old. Donald Trump has been known to me through the media for over 30 years. Maybe even more.

I have never met the man nor even been in the same room with him. I may have been in NYC with him at one time but wouldn’t want to base my opinion of him on that.

Yet today he is completely “known” by hundreds of million people through the media, strangely enough the same way I know him. Yet I know a different man than is currently being portrayed.

A bunch of years ago the Trump I know had just declared bankruptcy, along with a few hundred thousand other “entrepreneur’s” who had just gotten hammered by the oil embargo’s effect on the real estate markets.  It was a time when office buildings in Houston in particular, and other major cities to a lesser degree, could  be had for pennies on the dollar, or even for just taking over the tax burden.

The Donald I know managed to bootsrap his way back up to the riches he currently enjoys, in spite if some hiccups along the way. Every time he was in the news it was Trump made this or that business deal. Mostly they were stories about how much foresight and business acumen he had.

Recently the “news” has been enamored with his losses in Atlantic City. Did any of those so called reporters make note of the fact that Trumps holdings were nearly the last to succumb in a market that has seen an 80+ percent failure rate? Nope.

And now the “News” is full of allegations of sexual misconduct, lewd behavior, and unwanted sexual advances.

Not once in over 30 years have I seen or heard a story that dealt with any thing other than his business dealings. Nary a sexual scandal to be seen.

Until he decided to run for President.

Now we have a new allegation every day. Let me tell you people about men. We are mostly crude, sometimes obnoxious, and we think about sex. A LOT. Often we make unwanted advances of a sexual kind to women we find attractive. It is called dating. Sometimes we get with our buddies and have a good conversation about the blonde honey that just walked by. Or Suzy at work or Nancy at the dentists office. We are often crude when we do that.

But guess what? Have you ever listened to a group of women on ladies night out evaluate the “stock” in the room at that particular point? Give me a break. And I have had my butt complimented by the bosses slightly sloshed wife at the Christmas party after having just announced my wifes pregnancy. Been hit on by “ladies” I had no interest in. But none of that matters because they ain’t runnin’ fer Pres.

If I was electing the Pope I might be concerned about it. As it is I recognize The Donald as more like me than the lyin Bitch he is running against. I think he will do a better job, get this country back on track faster, and with less drama than The Wicked Witch of Clinton.

The more the media and Hillary attack him the more I figure they fear him. And the Republican party as well. That is the one place the Dumbocrats have it all over the Republicans. They may hate Hillary as much as the Republicans (maybe more because most have been on the receiving end of her very sharp tongue”), but all they REALLY care is that a Democrat be in the Oval office. They don’t care who, as is obvious by the candidates they fielded to start with.

Trump is who the rank and file of the Republican party wanted. if you don’t vote for Trump because he is not “my” candidate then you might as well join the Dumbocrats and show just how stupid you really are.