Republican vs Democrat and the Third Party

I am so FRIGGING  (insert word of YOUR choice instead)  tired of the blame the other guy/party approach to politics that is epidemic in this country!

The attitude in Washington is simply an indicator of a much deeper problem in this country. The people in the Tea Party blame Washington for their lack of responsible voting and holding their elected officials responsible to carry out their campaign promises, over the last 20 years.

The people in the Occupy Wall Street movement blame successful people for having the drive & ethic to get off their asses and do some work, and be willing to make the sacrifices that got them down the path to success.

The Republicans blame the Democrats, the Democrats blame the Republicans, the President blames both because both parties figure he is worthless…. and we get screwed.

It is just barely unacceptable to take the whole lot of the current politicos in Washington out and shoot them so we have to find a solution. Mine is a third Party. I used to register as an independent until I realized that gave me no say in who was nominated for the Presidency. So now I change my affiliation as necessary to make my voice heard. Registering independent is an illusion. You are still faced with the same limited choices and in itself it becomes an excuse…”It’s not my fault neither party can put up a decent candidate!”

Well it is your fault. The independent party needs to become The Independent Party. A complete organization set up from inception to compete head on with the ponderous Elephant and the stubborn Jackass! How many of the current moderate people on both sides of the aisle would jump ship if there was a political machine that would offer them both a venue  and support to voice their true feelings without having to toe a Party line?

It is time for the moderate majority to have a voice and NOT be shouted down by the LOUDMOUTH minority that control their respective parties.





The Tea Party

In the recent Budget debacle, the media was rife with snide comments from Democratic Senators and Representatives about how the recently elected members of Congress who ran on a Tea Party platform, were being “stubborn” and refusing to “negotiate for the common good”. The media (mostly) parrotted these comments and put on such airs of hurt and suffering.

Not one media outlet, including Fox made the very simple comment: these people are doing EXACTLY what they were elected to do. The “established” Washington elected officials still do not get it! Reid and Pelosi are dinosaurs of a soon to be bygone era. Calling them ostriches would be a compliment!

I still say it is time for a viable 3rd party, and the Tea Party has most of the apparatus in place already. C’mon Sarah! Run the Party and forget about the Presidency. You are where we need you right now!

A Three Party System?

I put forth the argument that the reason we have such gridlock in Washington, is that with the current two-party system we have, politicians with the potential to have a grain of common sense and morals cannot get elected because they must forfeit ALL of those in order to get the support of the extremists in either party.

Enter…..The Third Party. A party founded on common sense with a strong touch of reality thrown in. Face it: 90% of the people in this country recognize the fact that BOTH the Republican and Democratic leadership has nothing in common with nor comes from a background that in any way allows for them to relate to the average Joe or Joan.

Most people in this country also know that the answers to the problems that face them every day are NOT in the extremes of either party. They are in discourse and compromise for the good of the majority. And that does not mean more handouts.

So here’s a proposition for Sarah Palin; Use the influence she holds and the base that has already been established with the Tea Party and formalize it exactly as the two major parties have been. Create a strong, powerful voting block that  can raise its own candidates to counter the rubber stamp politics we have seen for the last few decades.

The base is already there. Use it! Grow it! Take power away from the extreme left AND right and give it to the PEOPLE! We know that there is right and wrong in both political views. Let us find and raise the kind of candidates who are more interested in growing the Country than their own power, influence, and prestige.

Good employers know that the surest way to grow their company is to make sure their employees grow at the same or faster rate. As a sales manager I would be ecstatic if every one of my sales force made more than I did on an individual basis. Since I get a % of all I end up making more! Duhhh!