Obamas Tax the Millionaires Policy

The only reason BO is pushing tax increases  on anyone is because it is the only thing he can think of that actually MIGHT generate more revenue for him to waste on some Boondoggle like the last  Stimulus plan. The man has the imagination of a turnip and the backbone of a 2 week old carrot.

For those who don’t remember, in 2009 he said raising taxes on anyone was the worst thing you could do in a recession. But I forgot…………..he said the recession was over! So now I suppose it’s OK.

Obama’s Jobs Plan

Ok. So not only is this a man who’s an ego maniac, who has never held a job in his life, has everything handed to him on a platter, including the Presidency, now we have to conclude that he is just plain DUMB!

What part of smaller Government and reduced spending does he not understand?

Create yet another government agency to waste and squander more Taxpayer money? What an idiot.