Spam Comments, SEO “helpers”, et al

So I keep getting these “comments” from people who say they can help me  grow my blog and how they  found me on page whatever, or people who post a link to their blog, when it has NOTHING to do with mine.

My response, besides deleting them is this; You found me somehow. If you read the About page, you will see I make no mention of wanting to get rich off of this. I don’t CARE where my page ranks, and I don’t care about linking to pages about shoes, dairy products, or sex aids.

If you have a comment about something I have said, please feel free to make it. If you don’t like what I say please feel free to move on. This page is cheaper than going to therapy and talking to some one  who likely has just as many problems as I do.

As an aside to those who don’t know how WordPress works. The first time you make a comment on someone’s blog it is held  for the blogger to review and approve or disapprove. Once you have made a relevant comment and I have approved it you are allowed to make comments without my approval, though I still can dump your ass if you abuse the policy.