GOP Candidates Look Like Keystone Cops!

OK. We are about halfway through the debate season and most of the candidates have managed to un-impress everyone.

Cain has risen almost as fast as Perry has flopped. No one can make statements that they will stand by. Romney flip flops like a fish out of water. Perry looks like he has a hot poker up his anus anytime he is asked a question. Cain has already revised his tax plan. Perry was asked on O’Reilly last night how his tax plan would affect Federal cash flow and he had no idea. Ron Paul looks like he will die before the Primaries. Bachman who?

The only candidate quietly going about his business, answering every question put to him with candor and conviction is Newt Gingrich. Can he get the nomination and beat Obama? I don’t believe so.

So I am forced to ask you………….If the current two Party system in all its glory can only produce this level of Candidate why don’t we have a THREE Party system? The time has come people!