GOP Presidential Debate

After reviewing the latest Presidential hopeful debate I have to say I am unimpressed with either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. Apparently neither one have the capacity to rise above adolescent he said/he said behavior. Neither could resist the temptation to take pot shots at each other. And though I am sure both knew they were going to end up in confrontation, neither took the time to prepare materials that they could hold up to prove their point.

The candidates that presented the most lucid,concrete answers were former Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain. In listening to the 2 I, I heard concise, well thought out answers that mostly stayed on topic and were not-self serving. 

The final question asked of the panel was who would you choose FROM the panel as your running mate if given the nomination. Most refused to be backed into a corner, but Perry allowed as how he would “play the game”, and wondered how to combine Gingrich and Cain into one person. Perhaps a portent?

I shut the debate off wondering what a combination they would make as a Pres/VP duo; Gingrich’s experience and Cain’s business acumen. How’s this for a thought: Cain for President with Gingrich as VP for the first 8 years then have them switch and run again for another 8 years?  How do you spell “stability”?

Attaboy for Gov. Rick Pery

If Gov Perrys dedication to the needs of his state during the current wildfire crisis is an  indication of what he will bring to the White House I give him a big pat on the back.

Unlike some of our current politicians who seem to be more interested in their golf……………………..  ( I wonder who we could be taking about?)