Dependence on Foreign Oil

So there is all this uproar about ending dependence on foreign oil. I am all for achieving independence and the push for use of renewable energy. My house in fact is powered completely by solar panels, a wind generator and a small gas-powered generator that gets used about a dozen times a year. So I have already put my money where my mouth is so to speak.

But consider this.  The oil strategy of the US was put in to place during the era immediately following WW2. I wasn’t involved in the decisions but suspect it went something like this…….

President Eisenhowser..”Now gentlemen we have some tough choices to make. We have some of the largest oil reserves in the world as do the Soviets. We can;  A) develop them and be completely self-sustaining, which would be nice as we could have a constant supply at a relatively stable pricing.  B) We can develop offshore supplies and have all the oil we want at whatever price the market dictates.

The problem with B is the instability of the supply and the total chaos of market pricing. The problem with A is much more subtle and sinister. If we develop all of the known and yet to be discovered resources in our country we ultimately will run out of OUR oil and then be TOTALLY dependent on other countries supplies.

From a tactical perspective it makes much more sense to rapidly find, develop, and drain the resources of other countries while holding our stocks in reserve. So I propose that we do just that, while at the same time creating a “strategic oil reserve” and SLOWLY finding and holding in reserve our own resources while using just enough of them to make the world think we NEED the other sources.”

If you look back at the  history of oil development within the US and the meteoric finding and development of oil in the middle east, as well as the persistent rumors of HUGE reserves in the Continental US, it doesn’ take a genius to understand that is just what happened.

So now the question becomes do we continue using up the reserves of other countries, essentially bleeding them dry while holding our own reserves close to the heart, or do we start using up our own reserves and ultimately end up totally dependent upon whatever radical idiot happens to be in charge of oil in the Mideast and South America?

I say bleed the suckers dry and then watch them return to riding camels in the desert when they can’t buy a gallon of gas for their Humvee’s, Ferrari’s, and Porsches!