The Big Picture

So how screwed up is this country? Let me count the ways:

Palin and the Tea Party have disappeared off the face of the Earth when they have the  potential to change Politics as we know it.

The CIA is kowtowing to Pakistan over drone strikes when Pakistan has demonstrated a total in ability to control their own borders and Secret Service.

Kinda like the Federal Government suing the States that are tired of them  not enforcing the immigration laws in this country……………

The White House issues a statement that they have turned over substantial amounts of documents in the Solyndra scandal and expect us to not make the  distinction that “substantial” does NOT equal ALL. Yes we are dumb.

A 14 year old is expelled from school for giving a class mate a hug, because they have a zero tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policy simply means the Administrators and teachers are to stupid to figure out the difference between affection and harassment. I am robot.

The Justice Department has reversed itself on it’s decision that it is OK to lie to people about whether they have certain information.  Duhhh.

Lindsay Lohan is still bouncing between probation, community service, and doing jail time. Oh and Playboy decided to cancel her shoot.

The ex Democratic Governor of NJ, after having nearly bankrupted his state has bankrupted MF Global and is resigning. Wonder who he will bankrupt next?

Obama  flies to Europe to tell them they MUST solve their financial crisis………Help me, I’m laughing so hard I peed my pants!

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae continue to enjoy taxpayer support while continually bleeding money yet their high mucky mucks rake in millions in bonus’

The Post Office issue forever stamps but now wants to raise the cost of a first class letter…………..

Are we having fun yet?


More on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

As predicted the “movement” has morphed from a gathering that MAYBE had a goal to just a bunch of dead beats, druggies, and criminals.   Hey Pelosi!   How do you like your group now? Pissing in the park, raping 14 year old girls in public, destroying the livelihoods of the small business owners that make this country what it is.  Yeah that is something to be PROUD of.

And our liberal judges crapping their pants because they might have to make decisions that affect the good of the majority over the wants of the few. Oh we’re having fun now!

Occupy Wall Street Protests

Whats REALLY behind these gatherings? This movement grew much to fast and to explosive;y for it to be just dissatisfaction with Wall Street. Somewhere there is an entity” that  is orchestrating and pushing this movement. What is it’s purpose and goal? Who stands to gain from all of the uproar?

Some have touted the answer that  Obama will gain because the news is focused on these people rather than his failed economic policy.  While that may be a side effect I doubt that it will have much effect come Nov. ’12.

Is there a connection between the growing violence in these demonstrations and the paid instigators that made brief, ineffective appearances at the Tea Party rallies? Is violence the ultimate goal so that martial law can be declared?

Is the FBI doing any digging into the situation?

The Negative Side of “Occupy Wall Street”

Glen Beck has espoused a theory that the Occupy Wall Street movement is a part of a much wider plan, one that is ultimately aimed at bringing down the system and putting in place a new socialist order. Glen is a very smart man and I would not discount his theory. Certainly this has grown much to fast and on to widespread a basis NOT to have some underlying facets.

Also consider; There is a small but vocal minority that has been shouting that Obama has a hidden agenda. I do not doubt this for a minute. While it is possible that he is just a corrupt politician, from a corrupt political system (Chicago), I find it much more likely that he was manipulated in to his current position as the most worthless President in American history.

If, as I suspect, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow and the problems arising from it continue to escalate, what better excuse could Obama find to declare martial law, and put civil and constitutional rights on hold so that whatever the ultimate plan is can be put in place?

Is it really time for the Revolution?

The Positive Side of “Ocuppy Wall Street”

Amidst all of the hoopla, hurrah, clutter and rhetoric one thing is getting lost………………

The stimulus to the economy! Overpaid Unions and private “donors” are dumping $$$$ into feeding, and supporting the protestors nationwide. Celebrities are flying to demonstrations in search of greater fame or to bolster non-existent careers, news  is spending huge sums in order to provide coverage. All of this adds up to more money flowing in to the economy.

Oh, and don’t forget the overpaid City workers are actually having to do some work for their pay! Keep it up Soros, we’ll redistribute some of your billions yet!

(that is if this in’t part of a greater plan as Glen Beck has been shouting)