Obama’s Lack of Response to Floods in Louisiana

Back when Bush was President the media raised unholy hell when he did not IMMEDIATELY go to the Gulf area after Katrina.

Now there is a different natural disaster in LA and the current President (?) is playing golf on vacation. When the media makes a tepid suggestion he should maybe cut things short and go see the mess he say’s he will do it Tuesday after his vacation.

And guess who shows up to schmooz with him?


So we have the current President (?) and his wanna be replacement hangin out, drinking cocktails and havin a gay ole time while Louisiana floats away.

And guess who DOES show up?


Yep. The only one who bothers to let the people of LA know they matter more than golf and cocktails is the one the media loves to trash every time he  farts or does anything even remotely human.

Thank you Donald Trump.

Ohhhh….. and thank you Hillary Clinton for demonstrating what a truly piss poor excuse for a human being you are. Big grin on MY FACE!!