Islam Targeted

There seems to be a growing trend in the world of fear and mistrust against Muslims.

Ann would be the most recent example, but you can open a newspaper any where, any day, and find a story of this or that, individual or group protesting about Muslim incursion into their way of life.

Kinda’ hard not to see their point of view unless you are a bleeding heart liberal.

I mean it’s NOT as if Muslims are causing harm to innocent people through suicide bombings, truck attacks, or attacks on malls, restaurants, or weddings with guns and grenades or anything silly. And it is really not much of a stretch to argue that by and large the other people they are killing are also Muslim. So what if a few Christians and Jews get shredded or beheaded as a result of the seemingly inbred penchant for murder and mayhem that has been an intrinsic part of Islam for the last 900 or so years.

What’s next, targeting blacks for inner city violence or people of Latin heritage  for illegal immigration?

Get over it people!