Throw Away Kids

So Casey Anthony kills or allows her child to die in a “swimming pool accident” and gets convicted of lying to the police. A Mom in Missouri sleeps through some one breaking in and stealing her 11 month old little girl. It’s OK because she was drunk and passed out at the time. A Mom “leaves” her 2 year old boy in his car seat for an hour with the car unlocked because she ran out of gas. (she really had gas but wanted to walk miles to a Chevron station). And now they just found a 1 year old boy near the cemetery outside of St Louis, and the mother claims everything was fine when she went to bed at 10:30 but she “overslept” and some one must have stolen the kid while she was asleep.

I guess the new rage is when you get bored with your brat you just “loose” them, blame it on someone else and go on with your life with impunity? Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.