Is The Media Biased AGAINST Trump?

Well let me see…..

I watched the National newscast last night on NBC. They spent about 6 minutes on various controversies that Trump had created/Hillary said he created. They alloted exactly zero seconds of broadcast time to present Trumps response. They even managed to bring up Trumps name (negatively) in an unrelated story on the Muslim community in France.

And Hillary is all serious concern when she pushes her latest line.

‘Course The Donald is ranting again, this time that debate schedulers have managed to pick the same time slot for the Debates as the NFL game broadcasts.

And I believe he has a valid complaint. The people who need to see what a charlatan Hillary is will watch the Game, rather than a debate. It isn’t that they will not see and hear him, they already have made up their minds about him

But sarcasam aside, this is important. These debates should be prime time, mid week, when people are not wiped out from last week and dreading next week. They need to be relatively short affairs scheduled to coincide with post dinner down time.

Unlike most debates during the Presidental races, this cycle will actually shape who becomes President, and more importantly the future of this country.