What Happened to The UNITED States of America?

Once upon a time in a land long forgotten……

People once came to America to become part of America. They came to chase dreams they had no chance of obtaining in their home country. It made no difference if the dream was a good one or one with less stellar motivations, it was still  their dream.

Emigrate to AMERICA. Become an AMERICAN. That was the dream that fueled the chase.

Today people come to America for the same reasons but they also come for another. They wish to transplant their culture to “safer” shores. They do not wish to become “Americans”. They wish to be “xxxxx” living in someplace other than their home country. They do not wish to assimilate.


And America is the easiest desireable country to get into and disappear.  Chances are  if you can get here, you can stay here. If you can avoid immediate detection chances are the “system” will loose you.

Or simply ignore the laws that supposedly govern the land.


Perhaps it is past time to make all judges answerable for their actions. Actions that are supposed to be governed by LAW, but are obviously clouded by personal beliefs.

The saying was; “if you don’t like the law, change it”. Now, as these judges, sanctuary cities, and oh yes… Hillary Clinton so clearly demonstrate, it has changed to; “if you don’t like the law, ignore it”.