The Presidential Race

Ok, so this is the weirdest Election cycle in modern history. Maybe the founding fathers could come up with some doozies but wow!

Emails, locker room talk, pay for play, Russian hackers…..

Wait…..Russian hackers. Why would Russia want to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails? Consider…..until the process got past the primaries, nothing. Then it becomes clear Hillary is the front runner. A little farther down the time line things start happening. A few things get leaked, Hilly looses ground, things settle down and ¬†she regains her edge. More dumps. More damage, more uproar.

I am not so sure it has ANYTHING to do with Hillary. I think its all about the UPROAR. Because while the press and public have been hootin’ and hollerin’ ¬†about the juicest details, Russia has quietly embarked on the largest troop movements since the height of the cold war and possibly WW2. And they didn’t move the troops to the Baltic for summer vacation.

They moved them to the borders of Ukraine and other past Soviet block countries. They flew “training” flights into Europe that looked a lot like combat drills. They have established permanent bases in Syria. All of the troops and assets, CLOSER to the West than anytime since the break up in the Soviet empire.


Do your homework kiddies. I have to go to work to earn money to buy ammunition.