Hillary Clinton Collapses

So she “trips” on the plane and has a concussion which causes her to selectively¬†“forget” information the FBI wants. And her coughing spells on numerous occasions are “allergy” related cured by doping herself with antihistamines.

Now on an absolutely perfect, balmy, low humidity morning in New York she is feeling “overheated” and leaves a 9-11 ceremony an hour ahead of schedule, is seen being held up by aides as her broom is sent for, and as it magically arrives she completely collapses and is physically placed in the car by her secret service team and whisked¬†to Chelsea’s house where after an hour or so she emerges, in perfect smiling health. And of course her in the pocket Doctor, explains she diagnosed her with “pneumonia” days ago.

Come on people! How stupid does she think we are? If she has pneumonia I am the richest, most handsome man in the world. And I ain’t either of those.

Today she is off the campaign trail for R&R. That’s okay Hilly……the world will schedule all it’s crisis’ around your delicateness.

Not fit to serve, not fit to be a human.

What utter bull.