Herman Cain Accused of Sexual Harrasment

Lately there have been allegations that Herman Cain harassed workers when he was at National Restaurant. This was in the 90’s. No hearings were ever held. The “complainants” were paid of with relatively small sums of money. Cain has repeatedly denied harassing anyone.

Anyone remember the 90’s? You couldn’t fart, belch, scratch your ass, flirt, compliment or any other human action or interaction without facing the potential threat of sexual harassment! If you smiled at someone you were a target. It is a wonder anyone ever got married during the 90’s.

I was active in Corporate America at the time. Over night we went from a free wheeling society where things got done and the work place was some place you wanted to be to a Puritanical, straight laced bunch of zombies. Women who had no skills or ability suddenly made large sums of money because they said they were the recipients of unwanted sexual advances. Where they? Some were I’m sure. But I know there was a large contingent who simply saw it as a way to get ahead at the expense of someone else.

Most companies were so scared they would simply pay off the person making the complaint or fire the individual who was the target of the complaint. I know because it happened to me. Funny thing was she was one of the least attractive women in the company and probably the only one I DIDN’T flirt with.

Did Cain harass female co-workers? Only he and the women involved “know”. He says no. Look at his history before and after. Married for over 40 years. No other complaints. This never came up when he was running for Senator. This never came up till he rose to the top of the Presidential rankings. Now all of a sudden the mice are coming “out”. Now the media is all over it. Why?  Presidents held to a higher standard?  Bull. Political gain by someone else?           

You betcha’!