The Ethics and Morality of Politicians

A couple of days ago I commented on Hillary Clintons morals or lack of. That post generated the highest volume of site hits in quite a while. It seems that I struck a chord.

And why not? The headlines are filled with story after story of elected officials, mostly Democrats, being indicted, convicted,  or resigning, for abuse of power, corruption, fraud, or just caught in some lie they passed off as gospel.

Harry Reid brags about trashing Mitt Romney, admits he made the whole thing up and justifies it by saying “he didn’t get elected did he?” The Obama administration is caught in lie after lie after lie on EVERY thing from Bengahzi, to the IRS scandal, to the Iran nuke deal, to Obama care and the latest is the ransom paid  for the release of American hostages.

A Democrat state Attorney General is indicted and convicted of abuse of power and then trying to cover it up by lying and putting pressure on subordinates.

And here is the ultimate truth…….IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT. No exclamation point, just a simple statement of fact. It is your fault because you didn’t teach your children responsibility. It is your fault because you didn’t speak up when you saw something that you knew was not right, or true or ethical and did nothing.

You have allowed the erosion of morality in this country by not holding the media to a level of truthfulness that DID exist at one time. You have allowed people of questionable character, whom you KNEW were “stretching things a bit”  to use half truths and outright lies their basis of qualification for election to office because you might gain 2 cents worth of something.

It didn’t have to be material gain either. It was the feeling you got when you elected an unqualified, unknown, untested man because he was black and said to yourself ” I helped make history” not realizing you were just as guilty of racism as the “you” who didn’t vote for him because he WAS black. And now you are about to do it all over again because you are not “sexist”. Yeah right.

Your lack of responsibility, pride, and thought has over the course of time allowed a country to evolve where worthless POS’  like Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al can present themselves wrapped in utter BS and you say it is all just fine, can I get another latte please?

Freedom is NOT free. It is not free based on the sacrafice of hundreds of thousands of warriors who have died so you can enjoy your ill earned luxury. It also has to be earned by the everyday working mother of crying children, the guy who cleans the urinal at the airport and every other working schmuk who is so wrapped up in their day to day survival they won’t take the effort to say “hey, hold on there” when they see or hear BS.

It is earned by writing, calling, voting, YELLING. Will your single solitary voice make a difference? The Democrats would have you believe it won’t. Their biggest fear is a thinking, aware, informed person. Their base of power is the “oh woe is me, what will you give me” unmotivated, disconnected, dregs of society.

As an individual you are the single weakest link in the foundation of this country. It is however when you stand arm in arm with the individual next to you that you begin to form the basis for getting back the quiet glow of pride and accomplishment this country was once revered for.

Through this puny blog I am attempting to make my voice heard. I am one and only one. I will never be more than that. But if I can link, figuratively or literally, with YOU,  what can we accomplish?

Speak up when you see or hear a lie, an injustice, corruption, BS, no matter WHO perpetrates it. Don’t shut up until the perpatrator, be it an individual, a  newspaper, or the Congress hangs its head in shame and says “oops, sorry”

If you don’t you have no one to blame but yourself for the path this country is on.