Dial 1 for English

A week or so ago I complained about having to dial 1 for English at
Sprint.I really did not expect a response from them but here is what
I got.

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I apologize that you feel you should
not have to press 1 for English while taking a survey or even calling in
to Sprint Customer Service. This day and age, we, as an extremely large
must take into account all of our customers. Sprint is a very diverse
cell phone provider who must accommodate all of your customers. You are
not required to take the survey that the technician asked you to take,
it is simply for feedback purposes to ensure that our agents are doing
their jobs to the satisfaction of our customers. Please feel free to
reply if there is anything else that I can assist you with. Have a
wonderful day! 

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your
questions. Please reply to this email or visit sprint.com if we can be
of assistance.

Alicia B.
My response was............ 



I really did not expect an answer. However I still take issue with being forced to dial 1 for English in order to continue my conversation or business with a company. Other organizations have recognized that many Americans feel the same as I and have simply put in a Spanish option, the system defaulting to English automatically. 

I suspect I will be looking for another wireless carrier when my contract is up. Your
“the Dollar is Everything” attitude is representative of what is endemic with this Country.