An Open Letter To Bill O’Reilly

As a regular watcher of the factor I must comment on something.

Your coverage of the Primaries, election and post election has been as Fox says; fair and balanced.

Yet it would seem that you have missed an opportunity to educate/re-educate the misguided with a very simple lesson from history that you yourself reminded us of in your Legends and Lies: The Patriots series. The electoral College was incorporated into the Constitution to work exactly as it has in this election cycle; To stop States with large populations from overwhelming the voice of smaller states.

That point needs to be hammered home.

Without California and New York, Trump would have won the popular vote, as well as the Electoral College. Hillary lost because our Founders had the foresight to put in a system that balanced the scales so that the needs and wants of ALL of Americans were heard, not just an extreme agenda pushed by a misinformed populace in large voting block states.

It also needs to be noted that virtually ALL of the home bases for mainstream media are headquarter in one of those two states.

Please take the time to re-educateĀ us Bill!