Snowden Escapes US Justice

Imaginary conversation…..

Chinese President Xi Jinping.. “Hey Putin, I see an opportunity to show the World what a limp dick Obama really is”

Putin…”What you got up yor sleeve Xi?”

Chinese President Xi Jinping… “You send a plane and I’ll orchestrate Hong Kong to get Snowden to the airport. We’ll send him to Ecuador via Moscow,”

Putin….” That’s great Xi, and we can run it through Julian Assange’s organization to really rub it in!”

I have no doubt that that was the general tone of the conversation as the leaders of China and Russia cheerfully raised their middle fingers in a gleeful salute to America and the weak, ineffectual leadership(?) of Bozobama.

It has been the considered opinion of US scholars that Jimmy Carter was the most ineffectual President in modern US history. Well Jimmy I think you are a now a distant second in the race for that dubious honor.

Lets hope that Bozobama doesn’t decide to suddenly grow a pair and do something stupid like figurativley challenging them to a duel on the World stage.

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