Richard Wolfe: Total Worm

I am getting sick and tired of these mealy mouthed, publicity seeking worms with no back bone spouting their bullshit so they can appear to be so progressive and forward thinking. The idea that if a person who is not black criticizes one who is, is racist is just totally ludicrous.

Did it ever occur to you Mr. Wolfe that the reason people, particularly the three you mentioned get criticized is because they are dishonest, incompetent, and DESERVE to be called out for their actions?

Oh, I’m sorry…. you were one of the people who were raised by liberals and brought up adhering to the concept that everyone deserves to have a ribbon from school, nothing is MY fault, and if I don’t succeed it is some one elses fault.

And why is it that MOST of the people who are screaming “racist” are white? Could it be because people of color know what real racism is?


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