Retirement Planning

As I sit and review our 401k, IRA, bank, and brokerage statements I have to ponder the wisdom of my retirement planning. At the rate they are going I will be joining the beggars on the corner looking for a handout.

Where I am now, 10 years ago would have been “comfortable”. Today it is concerning and the way this country is going with the socialist mentality, it is down right scary.

What to do?

1) I could file for unemployment, food stamps and welfare. Why not? Everyone else is doing it. I look at the people living on welfare and they have a newer car than I do, have no worry about bills, (they just declare bankruptcy or have another bastard child), they don’t worry about health care, and their rent is subsidized.

2) When all of that runs out I could go shoot one of these lying sack of shit politicians, plead “No Contest”, show no remorse and get the maximum sentence. ‘Course I’d have to do it in a State that  can afford to support me for the rest of my life. Can’t be like Conrad Murray and get 4 years for killing Michael Jackson and only be able to vacation for 8 months because of prison overcrowding.

3) If that doesn’t work I could do something totally crazy (like get a job) and that would for sure get me committed to an insane asylum, where I can live out my days in drugged bliss. Ah…… I can see it now………..The Promised Land!

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