It is one of  those mornings where everything is falling off the cart for no apparent reason. I hate being dependent/constrained in how I run my day because of other peoples action/inaction.

And yet since I retired that seems to be the way my life runs.Maybe when I was “working” I was to busy to notice. I seem  to notice the little things more and they seem to matter to me more.

It rained so the concrete guys aren’t going to show up. The guy I am buying a car from won’t return my call so I can make arrangements to pick it up. The President won’t fall out of his helicopter and put us out of our misery. See what I mean about being under others infuence?

Someone posted a post on Twitter about Obama Coffee…..weak and black. Actually should have been weak and brown. They later apologized. I am trying to figure out why stating the truth should be cause for apology.











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