Hollywoods Control of Americans Minds

Ok conspiracy theorists……… here’s one fer ya!

Hollywood is out to shape the mindset of Americans by gradually exposing them to radical new ideas.

Have you ever watched Law and Order? Isn’t it interesting that the shows are often based on recent headlines, and ALWAYS end up supporting the extreme left view point. Of course some one in the show generally tries to counter with a conservative rebuttal but they are immediately marginalized and ostracized.

Then there is the House Hunters series. We really enjoy watching the show in spite of the obvious predetermined outcome. Nice houses, silly people, outrageous expectations for first time home buyers who MUST have their first house be all that I worked for in my fourth house. And obviously 40% of the couples shopping for houses worldwide are gay or lesbian. Therefore the population must be 40% gay. Funny how when they first showed a gay couple 3 or so years ago it was rather tentative and circumspect, but now it is holding hands and lip locks everywhere.

But perhaps the most disturbing to me is a show called Colony. EARTH has been invaded and subdued by an unseen race of Aliens who rule through the efforts of autonomous drones and human collaborators who teach the Coming of Salvation by the “Hosts”. All kinds of Freudian BS going on here. What is most blatant is the opportunity for the audience to play an online game to participate in the “control” of the populace through any means necessary to eliminate the resistance and keep the city under control. No option to play the game as the resistance and outwit the Collaborators and kick some alien ass. That is REALLY scary!

Lets just hope there are enough of us rednecks and ex military types who know how the game really should be played.

Satan Gets Tax Exempt Status

While I am not surprised that our IRS would do something like this, I am, unfortunately, also not surprised that our school officials would also allow it to get this far.


What part of “evil” do people no longer understand?

New Amazon Best Seller!

Wow! Number four on the best seller list at Amazon!!!

“Reasons to Vote for Democrats”


Content is very reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders et al, logic and reasoning.

Illegal Immigrants Cross Border Into Canada

So…..during the election several Hollywood “stars” said that if Trump was elected they would move to Canada. Whoopi, Rosie, Barbara your taxis are waiting!

Apparently illegal immigrants are smarter than the Hollywood types because the are putting their feet into action rather than their mouths and getting the hell out of Dodge…


Despite the obvious confirmation that Hollywood is a land of hype rather than substance, I wish those exchanging the US welfare system for the Canadian one all the best.

And the downside is?

New Rules of Engagement for Iran (et al)

The longer we operate under Obummers ROE the more aggressive Iran, Russia and North Korea are going to get.


So I hereby nominate a new set of ROE.

Rule #1

Any one approaching a US military entity in an aggressive manner in International waters or air space will be dealt with as the commander of such military entity sees fit, up to and including the use of deadly force.

Rule #2.

See rule #1.