On Ferguson Missouri

No links on this. If you want info it’s all over the news. What I have to say the fine residents of Ferguson don’t want to hear.

Point 1. Looting, fire bombing cars and throwing rocks at honest peoples place of business has nothing to do with social or racial injustice. It is simply an excuse to act like an animal, likely without consequences. If you act like an animal you should be treated like one.

Point 2.  the autopsy reports are out. The “aggrieved” party says there is no justifiable reason to shoot this poor innocent 18 year old “child” in the top of the head. Any halfway competent ballistics expert is going to testify that the wound pattern is entirely consistent with a weapon being discharged rapidly, with the muzzle climbing with each shot and the final shot being discharged as the target is falling forward. All of which is consistent with the officers statement that the 6’4″, 300+ pound “child” had turned and aggressively started  towards him.

I do not approve of the way the police chief and Mayor have handled this incident, but after the peaceful protest is over go home and let the attorneys and courts have the chance to sort out the facts.

But that would mean no chance to act like an animal and no chance for those in the business of being “black” to have their fun.

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