On A Constitutional Convention


I have received several emails dealing with the subject, most of them a mass email that got started who knows where and has little to do with the facts.

This article however is actually well thought out and has most of the facts right. The naysayers quoted in the article cite lack of precedent and potential unforeseen circumstances.

To which I reply… look around at the country today, what our Government is doing/not doing and answer me one question: Hows that workin’ for ya?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different outcome from the last time you did it.

One thought on “On A Constitutional Convention

  1. I have been pondering this issue for quite a while now and while it has obvious merit I have some serious concerns. Most of what I hear promoted is term limits, not a balanced budget, which is still a worthy goal. What I do NOT hear is any opposition from the left – which, quite frankly, scares the living daylights out of me. They stole the election with ease – I think they are snakes in the grass just waiting to hijack this, as well, and remove presidential term limits & ram more crap down our throats. In light of all the mounting scandals – any ONE of which should have earned the entire administration a firing squad – I have NO confidence in our ability to right things through peaceful means. Besides which, half of our own side is against us and complicit in all the deception & BS. I think we need to be REALLY careful in how we go about this. Being fair-minded and “democratic” we would not deny the opposition a say and there-in could be our doom.

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