Obamas An Idiot


Once again Obama shows his ignorance. How many times does this idiot have to prove how ignorant, misguided and uninformed he is  before the American citizens quit giving him a venue for his delusional diatribes?

2 thoughts on “Obamas An Idiot

  1. As m\any times as his ignorant, misguided and uninformed followers think that he is not ignorant, misguided and uninformed nor are they. I received a message from someone who thinks that fast and furious is not true. They say they have sources to back them up. They are out there and we better be on the look out for them. Good eyes, good smell and sharp aim.

  2. Just look at and speak to an Obama lover and you will find out very quickly,
    they are “love struck with this charlatan of a man, the true “snake oil salesman”
    plus there liberals, nuff said!!!!!

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