More On The Sandyhook Lies

The more I learn about this the more pissed I get.

Not about the loss of life, this has gone far beyond that. Pissed that this administration would use the loss of innocent life to advance its own agendas.

The fact that the “assault” rifle was never used  in the shooting apparently came  to light shortly after the shooting. Yet the administration, and the media  that supports it continue to cry for a ban on weapons of the type. Why?

It would seem obvious that Liberal Democrats are hoping to ride a wave of fear, partly created by them, to a total ban on the weapons that present the most threat to THEM!  They point to the weapon,  inanimate object that it is rather than to the disturbed mind that guided it. Nobody is the parent of a gun and rather than risking offense to the parent of someone who is not quite right they choose to victimize honest law abiding citizens.

The demonstrations by those honest folk, in support of the rights of gun owners will pale to  insignificance if 20 or 30 million gun owners decide to use the guns for the purpose the 2nd amendment was created to serve.

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