More Anti Gun Stupidity

Ran across this this morning.

I titled this what I did for the obvious reason that it will take the amateur gunsmith less than 2 minutes to remove this marking without impairing the function of the weapon on the 700 series of riles and 1911 series of pistol, probably less than 10 on all of the rest of the guns in the world.

Another feel good,  misdirected attempt on the part of people who ALWAYS take the easy way out.

2 thoughts on “More Anti Gun Stupidity

  1. Please don’t equate felmae with feminization. Just because men are involved doesn’t mean Wikileaks is being handled as a man would. Our culture does it’s best from day one to suppress the inherent manly traits that have insured the survival of our species. We constantly spread the lie that violence is never acceptable. We foolishly believe that all people and cultures can get along if we only try to understand each other. Feminine vs. masculine isn’t what the debate should be. There are times when a gentle touch is needed and times when you need a heavy hand. The problem now is that we are out of balance with too much hand-wringing and hand-holding. We need more spanking and suck it up .

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