Liberalism Destroying Black America?

Well the gentleman is partially correct. Liberalism IS destroying or contributing to the destruction of Black America.  But it is only one of the factors. What this gentleman fails to acknowledge as do many black Americans is that BLACK AMERICANS are destroying black America. First of the concept of “black American” starts the process. Blacks in this country WANT to be separate from Americans in general. Then they complain that they are treated differently. But the big problem is that black many, many Americans make a career out of being black, they have no time for things like education, family, and gainful employment.

And then again the gentleman misses an important point. The facets of Liberalism that are destroying black America are also huge factors in the general malaise that is undermining ALL of American society.

But don’t try to tell the black American community that….they would be insulted that they are not special in being screwed.

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