Latinos for Hillary

I sell guns for a living.

Yesterday a group of Latinos entered the shop and started browsing pistols.

When I asked them what and why they were shopping they stated they had heard rumors about gun prices going up in November. They had no other info to share.

I said, “speaking of November who ya gonna vote for?”

The answer was Hillary. I asked why. The spokesman for the group said “because she gonna take care of us”

I then asked the guy if he was aware of Hillary Clinton’s views on guns.

The answer was of course “NO” so I proceeded to reiterate some of her previous statements on guns and the needed repeal for the 2nd amendment.

4 VERY confused Latino gentlemen left my shop with befuddled expressions and no guns.

Did I steal 4 votes from Hillary? I can hope, but what it really illustrates is the uninformed voter basing his or her decision on emotions and surface appearances without ever actually doing any “homework” on the candidates.

Sam Elliott - You're a special kind of stupid... Aren't you?


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