Jobs Growth Under Obama

Pres. O keeps touting that the US has added millions of jobs under his watch. But he never says where or gives specifics.

There is one industry that has documented a 30% growth rate since 2008 along with a 66% increase in both revenue and tax revenues contributed to the coffers. Care to guess?

The shooting and firearms industry.

So for all of those Democrats that are in favor of gun control the surest way to curb the growth of firearms in htis country would be to eliminate Democrats since they cause a growth in firearms……………………..

3 thoughts on “Jobs Growth Under Obama

  1. Well, looks like the supreme court just kicked our a$$ real good. With this decision I am thinking BHO will take it all. Not much to stop him now unless we can gain control of house and senate.
    In big trouble now.

    • Maybe. On the other hand it could swing the unaffiliated away from him. Remember all of the polls showed a majority did NOT want the program, it was only the Democrat majority that rammed it donw the throats of the American public.

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