Hanoi Jane Back In the News

Any of you old enough to remember Hanoi Jane? In the middle of the Vietnam war Jane Fonda made a trip to Vietnam to show her support of the troops. Just like many other actors, Bob Hope being the most prolific, though there were hundreds of others who saw the need to boost the morale of American  troops.

Trouble is Hanoi Jane went to visit the NORTH  Vietnamese, the very troops that Americans were dying fighting against.

Then, years later, she was nominated for Woman of the Year which dug up all those bad memories again. Now this.


She’s like a parasite in your gut that you just can’t seem to get rid of.  The really bad thing is the mind set of the college that would invite such a pariah into there home, and shows the disconnect that the Hollywood mentality operates under.

Maybe an earth quake that swallows California isn’t such a bad idea after all. Seems like the porn industry is Californias only redeeming product.

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