English as Americas Official Language

While the argument for English being declared Americas official language rumbles quietly in the background a case is going on in Arizona that may set the precedent for all arguments to come


In this case a woman seeking to run for City Council was deemed not to speak English with sufficient fluency to meet the State requirement for public office.

First I applaud Arizona for its stance on requiring fluency in English to hold public office. But the article leaves out information that I would really like to know the answer to. IF this woman is American by birth WHY did the education system fail so miserably in teaching her? If she is a naturalized citizen, why is the law not more specific in its determination of fluency? And finally if she is not a US citizen WTF is she doing running for office?

At any rate I go on record as voting for an amendment to the Constitution making English the official language, and fluency in that being an underlying requirement for ANY assistance from ANY Government agency or program, Local, State or Federal.


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