Disturbing Statistic

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. Lots of burgers, beer and sunscreen consumed in a Patriotic fervor. Of course there were all the feel good pieces on the news about what a wonder the American Service person is. But this time tucked in the news there was a story (continuing it seems) about a WW2 vet making a film about the remains of soldiers left on the beaches of Tarawa.

What floored me was the statistic released by the War dept that from WW1 through the Vietnam war there are some 73,000+ MIA. So much for the notion of the American soldier that we leave none behind.

One thought on “Disturbing Statistic

  1. I am sure that out of that 73K there was not enough left to pick up if they could have been found. Was is not hell but it is as close as I want to get.

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