Death Penalty in America and Prison Reform

People are still ranting and raving about killing a man convicted of murder.

Heres my take on the Death Penalty and prison(ers) in general.

In a number of states there is a 3 strike rule. Do 3 crimes and go to jail for life. I say that is a waste of taxpayer $$$  Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to incarcerate, educate and care for a person who will never contribute to society?

My three strike program:

Murder is always a Capital offense. Death penalty, no option.

Strike 1) Sentencing at the Judges discretion, taking into account past history and circumstances as well as the severity of the crime.

Strike 2) Sentence is max allowed by law. No options.

Strike 3) Death.

According to Wikipedia ( at the end of 2008 there were almost 2.3 million prisoners in US prisons and County jails.

At an average annual cost of $44,165 per inmate per year, ( that is a staggering cost of  $101,232,053,945.00 per year! EVERY YEAR!! And it will only go up. $101 billion dollars spent on people who will still cost the taxpayer $$ after they are released and placed on parole.

When the life in prison is often better than the life on the outside (think Somali pirates captured, tried and sentenced to life) there is little incentive for criminals to try to go straight. Yes, some do make the effort and I say more power on them. But by and large prison doesn’t do the job.

If however there were REALLY SERIOUS consequences to committing a crime the third time………………..

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