CNN’s Daily Poll

CNN’s  poll for today is finally relevant and timely.

The question……”would you vote for a 3rd party candidate”

The response  is encouraging, with a slight majority of the respondents answering yes.

I’m not holding my breath however that the Major parties are going to allow the creation of a third party, much as the Unions are not going to go away willingly.

2 thoughts on “CNN’s Daily Poll

  1. While a third party candidate is interesting now is not the time to bring it up. Maybe right after the Nov. elections are over, don’t you remember the last time. All it did was split the vote and allowed Bill Clinton to be reelected with only 40% of the vote. A third candidate would put Obama back in the whitehouse and would in turn put an end to this country as we know it. Is this what you want?

    • No, I don’t want any more of Obama. But I am talking about a whole 3rd Party, with a completely seperate entity. That kind of change is going to be painful no matter when it happens. I’d like to be alive to see it happen, so we have to start sometime.

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