CNN Poll

CNN’s poll of the day for the last couple is a question about whether or not you have taken steps to prepare for a weather disaster or not. 67% of the respondents had not. If they haven’t taken steps to insure their safety and survival it can be for only 2 reasons.

1) They don’t care. So why should my tax dollars go to helping bail their butts out when they get flooded, tornadoed. (thats now a word cus’ I said it) or whatever?

2) They figure it  is up to State, Local or the Federal governments to “provide”. I reiterate my question.

The Federal Government echoes the desires of the people, although its response time to changing opinion is measured in eons. So maybe the problem isn’t the Government but the lazy no goodnik sittin’ in the chair next to you. Or maybe it is ourselves for not speakin up and raising enough hell?

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