Please Clarify NWA

Would you please explain to me why it is acceptable for a black man to call himself or another black individual a nigger, as in the rap group NWA, which stands for Niggers With Attitude.

The manager of said group just died.

In this crazy world, that seems acceptable, but if a white man proclaims he is white he is automatically a racist.

If I as a white man, vote for or compliment Barack Obama, who is half white, I am an enlightened progressive. If I vote against him, or am critical of his actions, I am racist.

What is the label applied to a black man in my situation?

DOJ Denies FBI Request for Clinton Foundation Investigation

The FBI calls for a DOJ investigation of The Clinton Foundation but DOJ/White House refuse. And you still think that the system, starting with BO and working it’s way down is not completely corrupt?

As Sam Elliot would say…..”You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t ya?”

Emails: DOJ Shut Down FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

Guns, Gays, and God


When a newsperson of some standing asked dinosaur Nancy Pelosi why Hillary has such trouble connecting with white males she stumbled through this answer:

Flab-ber-gasted! Where in the hell did that come from? The real reason couldn’t be that white males, who as a percentage in this country, work hard, pay taxes out the ass, have watched their country turned in to a haven for non working, system playing minorities and trash, understand that Crooked Hillary wants to expand that system to include every Tom, Dick and Suzy that can lie, sneak, or cheat their way into it? Nah! That couldn’t be the REAL reason.

Why do the news people not ask some white males why they have trouble “connecting” with Crooked H?