Barack Hussein Obama is a Coward

BO is the worst kind of coward. Not only does he not have the courage of his convictions (doubtful if there are any past stroking his own ego) but he is going to kill people in order to avoid  losing face.

He opened his big mouth about red lines several months ago when, had he any military experience whatsoever he would have known not to make pronouncements which could ultimately back him into the corner he now finds himself in.

Now,  he has given Syria way to much time to prepare for any action he might    unilaterally take, thus giving the regime time to move innocents into the military ares it wants to protect, and insuring many unnecessary casualties.

And, rather than admit to making an error in judgement he is going to take the bullies  strategy  of using force to cover up his weakness.

It makes no difference that opinion in the US and the world as a whole is against action against Syria.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face…a strong military service record should be a REQUIREMENT for the office of the Presidency.

And that is why “Mr. President”‘ I call you a spineless, self serving coward.

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