New Amazon Best Seller!

Wow! Number four on the best seller list at Amazon!!!

“Reasons to Vote for Democrats”

Content is very reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders et al, logic and reasoning.

Illegal Immigrants Cross Border Into Canada

So…..during the election several Hollywood “stars” said that if Trump was elected they would move to Canada. Whoopi, Rosie, Barbara your taxis are waiting!

Apparently illegal immigrants are smarter than the Hollywood types because the are putting their feet into action rather than their mouths and getting the hell out of Dodge…

Despite the obvious confirmation that Hollywood is a land of hype rather than substance, I wish those exchanging the US welfare system for the Canadian one all the best.

And the downside is?

New Rules of Engagement for Iran (et al)

The longer we operate under Obummers ROE the more aggressive Iran, Russia and North Korea are going to get.

So I hereby nominate a new set of ROE.

Rule #1

Any one approaching a US military entity in an aggressive manner in International waters or air space will be dealt with as the commander of such military entity sees fit, up to and including the use of deadly force.

Rule #2.

See rule #1.


Why The Democrats Lost the Election(s)

The Democratic Party lost the election because it is completely out of touch with what the REAL America wants. LA and New York they have down pat. Reality seems WAAAAY out of their reach if Nancy Pelosi is any indication.


Anti Trump Protest(ers)

Enough already. Get over yourselves. Take your ball and go home to Mommy.

Or do as your priest says……

Might be a little drastic but hey……it would probably make a huge dent in the welfare and illegal immigrant populations. Hmmmmm… more Rosie O’Donnell? Where’s the down side of that?