About this page……………

There is a saying…………”There ain’t no place like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be the place.”

This is my place to voice all of the feelings, frustrations and observations I have about the world we live in today. I have no desire to make enemies, so if the content here offends your delicate sensibilities in any way, exit stage left.  I will post whenver I have time and inclination, on whatever I find interesting to me. There is a RSS feed button so you don’t miss any of my bits of “wisdom”   and you don’t want to keep checking back.

You are welcome to comment on anything I may have posted with the following guidlines;

1) Keep the profanity to a minimum

2) No racial slurs

3) No attempt to incite violence. This site is an alternative to just that kind of effort. If violence is to be done I’ll do it myself.

If however you find an echo to your own feelings please come in, take your gun out of it’s holster and get comfortable.  And if you really feel at home and want to contribute to the overhead……..

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