A Milestone?

I just realized that I made my 500th post a couple of posts back.

I started this blog as a means to vent some of my frustrations, and hopefully, avoid having a nervous break down or going postal on the world.

Now after this little milestone I have to say I feel about the same, which given the way the Politicians in this country are screwing things up may actually be a miracle!

Maybe I should just forget this and go “postal”. ………..?

One thought on “A Milestone?

  1. Well you could and I might go with you, however, I think we should wait until we have a few K SP folks with us or it would all be in vain. Another thought is leave it be and it will go al by itself. We are headed that way now. Some of the level heads must prevail or else nothing will be left to start over with.
    Hard to stand by and watch a loved one being raped without firing a shot.
    Just saying.

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